Acting In Los Angeles – Act II

Acting In Los Angeles – Act II

Acting In Los Angeles – Act II

Failure is not fatal

Act II

This is an important lesson, probably the most important one yet the hardest to follow, in my opinion.

You will fail.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, and this won’t be the last, but you need to understand this.

You will fail…again and again and again. But here’s the trick that not everyone learns, you fail for a reason…to learn.

You must be prepared to learn from your mistakes and failures and not take it personally and not beat yourself up about it.

When you first learned how to walk did your parents berate you and did you see yourself as a failure for not knowing how? No, well I hope not, because you didn’t know how to before and you were learning how to, it is the same with acting. You don’t know how to act. Let me repeat myself in a slightly different way, so this time you’ll understand, “You do NOT know how to act.”

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