Acting In Los Angeles – Act III

Acting In Los Angeles – Act III

Acting In Los Angeles – Act III

Anything worth learning takes time and impatience is the killer of dreams.


Yes, you may have some talent, but you do not know the technique of acting. You do not know how to truly find the character and act realistically. That will take some time for you to discover. It will take patience, with the industry and more importantly, must be patient with yourself.

When people move to Los Angeles, to “Hollywood” the dream of overtakes the reality. “I want to be a star, tomorrow.” “Oh, they’re making a new Star Wars movie, I’ll audition and get a part.”

Probably not.

“All I have to do is get my headshots and a demo reel, and send them to an agent, and I’ll book a movie…” How many have dreamt this only to find you can’t get an agent unless you have a demo reel, but you can’t book work to make a demo reel cause you don’t have a demo reel or an agent…

How do you deal with this? How long can you wait for your dream to happen? How long do you try?

You must be patient with your growth as an actor.

There are three things you need to understand: You can not be desperate in Hollywood, not all experience is useful/beneficial experience, and lastly my mentor, colleague, and friend Stella Adler parted this wisdom to me, and I fully believe it, “You never lose a part that wasn’t meant for you.”

You need to believe it too.

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