Acting in Los Angeles – Act IV

Acting in Los Angeles – Act IV

Acting in Los Angeles – Act IV

Hollywood acting schools will promise to teach you all the tricks to get you cast and how to “make it.” I don’t believe in tricks. I believe in knowing how to act.

Act IV

So, after you’ve watched your movies and tv shows, taken your headshots, filmed your demo reels, and searched for your agents…come find me. I can teach you how to act. I will never give up on you, and I will teach you how to be an artist.

How long will that take, that’s up to you. It won’t be tomorrow nor will it be the day after that. It is going to be hard work and a commitment. If you want to be an actor you need to be all in. This has to be your passion, and you must love it.

Acting is not for everyone, but anyone can act. You simply must be willing to let everything else go when you’re on stage, or the camera starts rolling because you are no longer you but your character, and that is hard to do, but that is what I can teach you.

When you give up all that you have…you get what you want.

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